I am not really sure what to say to stuff like this aside from thank you which feels kind of empty and meaningless and rote. But genuinely, thank you. That people even remember Electorate was a thing, let alone still like it, is kind of surreal and awesome, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. As to the well-being of the characters, everyone’s definitely still well (for certain values of “well”), and everyone’s still definitely alive (even Lisa).

I have tried many, many times over the years to play a legacy. The furthest I ever got was gen 5. Usually I got bored and wandered off a lot sooner than that. I may try again at some point, but I’m not expecting anything better. 

  1. danimareesims said: i’ve gone back to reread electorate before, it’s one of the only sim stories i’ve ever stuck with bc it was that good!
  2. medleymisty said: I still know that Electorate was a thing! :) *hugs*
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