Josh and Lauren: dainty wee lip kisses, awkward blushing, holding hands

Anselm and Ezra: im just gonna climb right the fuck up ur entire body n eat ur face ok, ur cool w/ that rite. o my fuck if i could stand 2 b more than 1 inch away from ur mouth 4 more then 1/2 a sec id ttly spend all my time on makeup review blogs lookin 4 the perf shade of anselm makeout red lipstick n then look in the mirror all the time 

Colin finds this hilarious and tells Lauren and Josh to get a room, you INSATIABLE SEX FIENDS. Think of the children!

Angie tries to shoo Anselm and Ezra off her grandmother’s furniture with a broom but it doesn’t work so eventually she just throws a blanket on them instead because what are you gonna do, goddamn fuckin’ immortal soulbonded teenagers.